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Come experience why ci enjoys preferred service provider status with so many international, regional and local firms.

“Win Win” is more than a slogan at ci, it is our policy.

Our first name is cambio for good reason. Change, as a constant for us all, is something we specialize in by reducing its uncertainties and maximizing the opportunities.

ci minimizes the transience for our team and our clients.

We have removed the disadvantage of temporary stopgap from our portfolio which is so prevalent in this industry of language services activation and acquisition. This is accomplished by providing our team superior partnership advantages. You are invited to come discuss what these are. As a result of course, our expectation is higher thusly exceeding customer satisfaction and in the end relationships with clients are long term.

ci understands the realities of modern business environments.

Every time an industry veteran, expert or junior approaches us with the intention of working together, we realize their greatest challenge is to meet our client base’s expectations.

Our track record proves we are in step with of our clients’ pace in an ever evolving global market. Only professionals capable of meeting this standard need apply. Those with the spirit and commitment to excellence are welcome to add their talent to our uniqueness as we continue maintaining to improve our client base’s confidence, which they have come to expect from the ci team. 

Our primary requirements for partner cooperation include all of the following:

  • Education
  • Certification
  • Experience
  • Competence
  • Commitment to continued education
  • Flexibility to adapt to the ci customer service standard “CCSS”
  • Passion for the end users success in every aspect of their communication needs

Belonging to the ci team of language services is a prestigious affiliation for everyone involved, from the service providers we affiliate with to the clients we serve. Our job in administration is to insure this cycle of superior service and connection maintains a 360 degree advantage for all players.

Our CCSS is the WIN WIN at cambio Institut

Please feel free to complete our profile details outline below. In addition we require:

  • Current CV
  • Education accomplishments
  • Certification details
  • List of professional references
  • Waiver to conduct a follow up verification of references

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eLearning bei ci - ci Online mit Moodle

"Lessons with my trainer were tailor-made! He was enthusiastic to on new ideas to make German learning more fun, and more adapted to my way of learning; with music, poems, children books, podcasts etc. I was also delighted to find someone that could also satisfy my curiosity, for ex about the origin of the words, the link with other languages, the south German variations. I did not validate my level with any exam, but being able to have a conversation at lunch time with my 'buddy language partner' or with my german boss & colleagues is the best reward. The lessons were fun & effective, which made me like German. My trainer is particularly kind and genuine, which made me enjoy very much our conversations, despite being always after a long stressful working day. This is one major difference to other teachers I had in the past."

J. Kvistad , Freiburg im Breisgau
Expatriate aus Oslo (Norwegen)