Prep-course medical language exams (telc B2-C1 Medizin Fachsprachprüfung)

Prep-course medical language exams (telc B2|C1 Medizin Fachsprachprüfung)

ci cambio Institut GmbH offers specific prep-courses for the medical language exams (telc B2-C1 Medizin Fachsprachprüfung). The preparatory course is intended for doctors from abroad, seeking to live and work in German and thus needing to demonstrate  general and medical German language knowledge.

Dr. Klaus Hug teaches this course, preparing specifically for the medical language exam (telc B2-C1 Medizin Fachsprachprüfung).


  • Getting to know the exam
  • Learning to recognize different positions on specialty topics
  • Following expert debates
  • Comprehending routine situations 
  • Understanding longer specialist lectures in detail
  • Searching and allocating information from expert forums
  • Comprehending professional publications in detail
  • Fully apprehend specialized information texts
  • Mastering discourse in routine conversations
  • Refining medical correspondence
  • Writing doctor's letters
  • Conducting anamnesis interview
  • Patient consultation/Case presentation
  • Talking to relatives
  • Exam simulation (written and oral)

Intensive Course - Course duration, hours and details

  • 2 weeks
  • Monday to Friday, 09.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.

Training units

50 training units, each 45 minutes

Course capacity

5-8 participants

Course fee

  • € 775,00 
  • Literature included

Exam fee

€ 475,00 (telc Deutsch B2|C1 Medizin Fachsprachenprüfung)

Prep-course medical language exams (telc B2-C1 Medizin Fachsprachprüfung)

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Das Seminar hat meine Erwartungen sogar noch übertroffen. Die geringe Teilnehmerzahl ermöglichte ein sehr effizientes und sogar individuelles Arbeiten. Das Seminar war durch die Bank weg sehr praxisorientiert und ich konnte die Inhalte direkt am Arbeitsplatz umsetzen. 

Dr. Thomas Fuchs