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Language training with ci

We have proven training concepts, however, although there is no standard solution for individual problems, there are individual solutions for standard problems.

Training at ci begins in the first lesson but doesn’t necessarily end with the last.

ci cambio Institut GmbH is specialized in vocational and industry specific language training.

  • Foundation training for all languages at all levels
  • Specific skills training (meetings, telephoning, business correspondence, etc)
  • Effective language training for specific departments (Human Resources, Marketing, IT, etc.)
  • Special programs for specific industries (Tourism, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Automotive, etc.)
  • Professional seminars, workshops and intercultural training

We make it easy with our LinguaLevel® placement exam by clearly establishing your company’s current competence level per target language. Consecutively, establishing clearly defined individual objectives, we expedite attaining goals together.


We implement efficient individually specific training programs with the most competent trainer to match the needs of your employees.

You have 24 -7 access to all accounts through our LinguaOnline® course administration platform. 360° transparency of all training in real-time are available on a myriad of topics: test results, established goals, feedbacks, evaluations, course content, invoices, remaining training hours to those booked, participant attendance of held sessions, etc.


Der Erfolg des Trainings wird durch regelmäßige Feedbackelemente und Lernerfolgskontrollen garantiert. Darüber hinaus haben Ihre Mitarbeiter die Möglichkeit, den Kurs mit einem international anerkannten Test oder mit einer international anerkannten Prüfung zu beenden.

Innovative Konzepte: Blended Learning von ci

ci nutzt moderne Technologie, um das Lernen zu flexibilisieren. Wir verfügen über langjährige Erfahrung und Kompetenz und haben für Sie nur Konzepte mit höchstem Praxistransfer ausgewählt. Wir bieten innovative Lösungen für die Sprachenqualifizierung und zusätzlich zu den Präsenzstunden haben Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter die Möglichkeit, im Rahmen unseres Blended Learning Programms LinguaDirect Ihre Fremdsprache zu trainieren - dezentral und zeitlich unabhängig.

Success of trainings is assured through regularly monitored feedback from participants regarding ci cambio Institut and it’s trainers as well as trainers’ evaluations of participants. 

In addition we provide your company alternatives for access to a number of internationally recognized exams and tests.

Availability: Locally – Regionally – Globally

All business is local: ci is where ever our clients need us assuring service in all corners of the world. Our team is on call  and mobile to provide support on site at corporate facilities whether production or administrative, in residences or hotels (particularly flexible for the needs of ex-pats and their families), and we always have ci 5 star quality
meeting accommodations.

Foreign language acquisition can take many directions. ci offers the shortest most direct route to your success.

Anmeldung zu Prüfungen und Tests

"Lessons with my trainer were tailor-made! He was enthusiastic to on new ideas to make German learning more fun, and more adapted to my way of learning; with music, poems, children books, podcasts etc. I was also delighted to find someone that could also satisfy my curiosity, for ex about the origin of the words, the link with other languages, the south German variations. I did not validate my level with any exam, but being able to have a conversation at lunch time with my 'buddy language partner' or with my german boss & colleagues is the best reward. The lessons were fun & effective, which made me like German. My trainer is particularly kind and genuine, which made me enjoy very much our conversations, despite being always after a long stressful working day. This is one major difference to other teachers I had in the past."

J. Kvistad , Freiburg im Breisgau
Expatriate aus Oslo (Norwegen)